The Results

The Blood Finished 1 hour 21min
Day one went really smooth. A vertical km is no easy task. Trekking poles were money well spent with the steep parts otherwise you will end up on all fours. It is difficult to decide on a pace for a climb like this because you do not want to thrash your legs for the days to come but also want to complete it fairly fast as to spend less time on your feet. I prioritized saving my legs for the days to come since I have never experienced a run of that distance. Next time I would feel comfortable pushing my pace faster.

The Sweat Finished 10 hours 46min
I did it! This was definitely the day I was most concerned about with the type of training I did but it went really well. Felt positive and strong the whole way through except for about 30 minutes after aid station 4 when I decided to eat vegetarian stomach did not like that. Unfortunately Hannah did not make it to aid station 4 because she definitely would have steered me away from the pizza.

Running and Lifting

The last two runs have been much more successful since the first. The biggest change was introducing electrolyte mix into my camel pack and carrying more nutrition on me. Here is a quick over view of my first three runs.

First trail Run/Walk

Today was my first day out on the trails. It was muddy, rainy, I got lost twice and it was so much fun! I set out from the science park and just followed any trail I could find. It ended up being a 21km trek up the river valley in just over 3 hours. My main goal was just putting some hours on my feet so I didn't push very fast, walked on steep uphills and just enjoyed myself. Some lessons were learned one of which is that cramping for the last 3km was a real drag and I need to be smarter about my electrolyte intake. I was also very impressed with the trail shoes ability to hold the ground. There was still slipping and slidding but not nearly as much as I expected with the muddy conditions.

I look forward to my weekly lesson on trail running. Hope the legs are ready to bike tomorrow! Here are some pics from the run.
 That is one huge wasps nest! I tested it and decided that my 200lb butt had best keep to the trails.

The August Plan!

August brings the concurrent phase of training when the feet hit the trail. Our strength goal for July was to be in the territory of 275lb 1RM front squat, 400lb 1RM back squat and 400lb 1RM dead lift. I feel that we surpassed in dead lift, fell a little short in back squat and hit it on front squat so overall it was very successful. Now the goal is to maintain strength for the next 7 weeks as best we can while also cranking on the neglected cardiovascular system.

Holy cow we are going to run. First run is August 7 and our goal is between 25-35km on the trail.

Bike 15-25km

Hill intervals continue

Rowing/Stairclimbing interval working on V02

1- 500m x6 60sec rest
2- 800m-700m-600m-500m-400m-300m 60 sec rests
 Max speed to 2000m goal under 8min (current best 7:15)

Dead lift 4x4
Hip Flexor 4x10
Good Morning 4x10
Glute med walk 4x20m
Dorsi Hops 4x20
Skipping Rope 3min on 1 min off repeat

This plan is built so that I do not have two weight bearing …

Goodbye July

A few days late but it is time for the run down of what happened in July. The goals for July were to build strength while controlling body weight. The month had it's ups and downs both weight wise and health wise so here is a summary.

Body Weight